Bridge pose: Setu Bandhasana

Setu: bridge, bandha: lock, asana: pose or posture.Yoga and meditation are very important and vital for the human body and brain. Just like your body gets its daily dose of food, your body needs to get its daily dose of exercise too by any kind of proper physical activity like yoga, sports, gym, etc. One of the most vital and best yoga asana is Setu Bandhasana or Bridge pose. Setu Bandhasana helps your body a lot. It helps in stretching every single muscle and opening up your chest. Setu Bandhasana or any physical exercise not only helps you physically but also helps you deal with mental problems like anxiety and depression.This asana is named Setu Bandhasana because it resembles a bridge. Setu Bandhasana is an inverted basic bending asana in hatha yoga and modern yoga. Setu Bandhasana should be done correctly, proper cautions should be taken before doing this asana.Steps to do Setu Bandhasana:Lie down on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor.Extend your arms along…

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD):

There are few very serious words which people tend to just say without knowing the seriousness of the words, few feel its cool and few feel its nothing serious and few say it without knowing.
Words like depression and anxiety are two of the few things which are not taken seriously.  Anyways, today there is a lot more awareness among people when the topic is about depressions and anxiety.  But there is another mental illness which is not taken seriously but is a very serious thing and it has the capability to lead a person to depression and even death. Obsessive compulsive disorder, around 90% of the world thinks that OCD is just about wanting to be clean and organised that is a totally wrong perspective.
"Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), and behaviors that drive them to do something over and over (compulsions). Often the person carries out the behaviors to get r…

Struggle with pets

So, after a lot of begging, requesting and crying we get a 30 day old puppy 4 years back. The first day we got this guy all he did was sleep, and all we did was get excited at every little move of his. We would get all irritated and try waking him up too but he was too cute while sleeping that we would just sit and stare. So in the evening he wakes up and we start to teach him how to walk for a while with papers on the floor because the floor was too slippery. He was so tiny that he couldn't even walk properly for a few days, all he did was ate and slept.
Few days later he started running and jumping all around the house, but he was pretty tiny even then so all he could do was run around and jump around for a few seconds and get all tired and go to sleep.
Few months down the line he started doing everything a dog would do like walk, run, bark, growl etc.
Since he started doing all this he started ruling us and we understood that dogs are not only cute and adorable they can even b…

The unexpected guest

One fine morning I woke up to noises which I never heard in my house before. I was really curious and started searching for these noises. After a while I realized the noises were of a pigeon who built a nest in the ventilator of the washroom. I was really very excited about this fact, I've always been excited about birds giving birth. I've seen birds laying eggs and small birds hatching from those eggs almost 5 to 6 times. Almost 13 years ago there was bird which layed eggs in the balcony of my house. 5-6 days after these birds hatched they started fighting with each other, which was really very exciting to watch. Whenever a bird used to lay eggs in my house I used to observe new things about the whole situation every single time and every time it felt like the first time because it used to be new all the time. I've never seen the eggs hatch I always wanted to see that. But still, to give these birds privacy I never entered the place much, because the parent pigeon used to…

Pets dogs Vs Street dogs

Pet dogs get a lot of luxuries and privilege and I feel every dog in the world deserves this. Just like it's a struggle for homeless children it's a struggle for the dogs on the streets too.
Everyday is like a party for my dog he wakes up whenever he wants and sleeps whenever he wants, no-one ever dares to hit him, scream at him or even talk loudly, where-as the dogs outside are beaten up for no reason, it hurts my heart that its a time-pass for bored people to hurt dogs on the streets. Its also really hurting how stupid some people can be.
My dog demands for food,  he barks if he is not given what he wants. He has requirements too, He wants his rice and milk warm and fresh he just walks away if the rice is a day old.
There are dogs out there who are shooed away on asking for food. there are ques of these hungry dogs outside chicken and mutton shops.
My dog doesn't eat food if he is not fed. There are dogs out there who do not get food for weeks and are happy with the fo…

Train your mind

Meditation is  one of the most powerful ways to understand yourself, it is one of the best way to know whats going on in your head, one of the best way to understand how impatient you're and how to improve this. It is always said by many people that meditation gives slow results, its true but once it starts giving results there is no going back. It is one of the most beautiful experiences you'll have.
perspectives on meditation: "meditation shouldn't be torture, It must be fun start small, five to ten minutes a day"                -sandeep maheshwari "peace comes from within, do not seek it without" -buddha "the thing about meditation is that you become more and more you" -david lynch
All this is so true. Initially it does get very boring and irritating, you may feel sleepy and get distracted and you may want to stop it but once you tune into it and start doing it regularly it does get pretty fun and interesting, you would start liking yourself …

Dogs are love

OK look! There are so many jokes about dog parents and there are many people out there who make fun of the care and love towards their dogs. I agree it can get a little cringe and weird sometimes but dogs are worth the cringe and weirdness, they are so cute. there are few things which only dog parents and dog lovers would understand and the others wouldn't.
They are sweethearts, deserve everything and all the love in the world, but they surely get very irritating sometimes, like when they are home alone and destroy the home which include tearing all the books, messing up all your clothes, pooping in the house, peeing in the house etc. You do eventually forgive them in less than 5 minutes as they can pull off the cutest face anyone can ever make. Another case is when you're an introvert but your dog is a hardcore extrovert and wants to greet every human being and dog on his way while walking, it is the most awkward moment when these dogs are playing with each other and you do …